grasshopper-enhanced guacamole (copy)

Pancito & Lefty's grasshopper-enhanced guacamole on Thursday, March 15, 2017. Wade Spees/Staff

Q: I know it’s really easy to make guacamole, but sometimes I just want to order it. Where is the best place to get guacamole?

A: I hear you: Ever-increasing price aside, guacamole has become a symbol of lazy summer days and lounging. Why should you have to handle the chopping and mashing?

(I realize there is an answer to that rhetorical question: Many guacamole fans are persnickety about amounts of jalapenos, onions and cilantro. I’m not even going to bring up peas, which three summers back ignited a social media squall so fierce that President Barack Obama got caught up in it. As you may recall, he’s anti-pea guac.)

Most Mexican-owned restaurants that cater to American-born audiences offer guacamole: Of that group, I’m partial to the version served at Santi’s. Other dependable guacamole destinations include Zia Taqueria, Minero and Congress, which might be the category leader.

Its stiffest competition comes from Pancito & Lefty, which made a splash when it opened by sprinkling grasshopper salt over its guacamole. Now, though, the guacamole is distinguished primarily by its rough chop and fresh flavor. Last month, when the restaurant declared Not Taco Tuesdays as a way of mixing up its menu with dishes that couldn’t pass as Mexican — think corn dogs and fettucine Alfredo — it kept its guacamole in the weekly rotation. That’s probably all you need to know.

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