Cookbook: tomatoes and okra from The Grocery (copy)

Tomatoes and okra from The Grocery's chef Kevin Johnson. File/Wade Spees/Staff 

Looking for Raskin's current suggested itinerary? The 2019 edition is here.

Q: Do you have an updated three-day eating itinerary?

A: By my count, I should have had it roughly 93 days ago: It looks like I last refreshed my recommended Charleston eating tour for visitors on Jan. 4, 2017. So many thanks for the reminder: Apparently I need to add an itinerary revisit to my list of New Year’s Day to-do’s, along with eating collard greens and hoppin’ john.

But I should note that my roundup of eating and drinking experiences is designed to age well, as it’s a broad overview intended to connect tourists and newcomers with the glories of the area’s dining scene. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily stress what’s newest, or even what’s objectively “best.” It’s myopically focused on what’s representative of Charleston.

To that end, there are almost no changes to the list as it stood at the end of 2016, although a few outdated references to personnel have been struck. Really, the only significant adjustment was the removal of McCrady’s Tavern from the list, since the restaurant in 2017 gave up on the Gilded Age-style cuisine that made it noteworthy. It’s been replaced by Bar Normandy, which recently made its first appearance on the James Beard Foundation’s longlist for Outstanding Chef Southeast.

And speaking of James Beard awards, fellow semi-finalist The Grocery has been upgraded from an option to a strong suggestion: You don’t want to leave Charleston without trying it.

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