Q: Is there anywhere in Charleston or surrounding areas where you can get a live Maine lobster?

A: According to the folks at Crosby’s Seafood, you’re not the only one asking.

“In the past, that wasn’t our clientele,” a Crosby’s clerk says of lobster shoppers. “But a lot of people from up north do lobster for holidays instead of a Beaufort boil.”

Crosby’s doesn’t keep a lobster tank, but the company’s wholesale division can source a live lobster lickety-split. If you call 843-795-4049 in the morning, there should be a lobster waiting for you at 2223 Folly Road by the afternoon.

The lobsters at Crosby’s aren’t necessarily from Maine, but all of them are harvested off the Northeast coast. In other words, the truck may bring you a Massachusetts lobster. Regardless of the lobster’s home state, it’s typically priced at about $14-$18 per pound at Crosby’s, although seafood prices are always subject to fluctuate.

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