Forked path Solving readers’ dining-out dilemmas

Pho at Aya Cookhouse Asian restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

Q: Where do you go for pho?

A: In the fall, a restless eater’s fancy turns to thoughts of beef broth. It’s fair compensation for the onset of colder weather.

But Charleston is admittedly short on Vietnamese dining options. By my count, there are currently two dedicated Vietnamese restaurants: Phuong and Pho Number 1, located inside H&L Asian Market. Pho is still on the menu at Lanna Thai, which is one owner removed from a Vietnamese restaurant, and Riso Noodle House, which briefly employed a Vietnamese chef. Fortunately, your options aren’t limited to those menu relics.

If your idea of a good pho time involves a beer and a roof over your head, the pho at CO ought to do the trick: I’m partial to the pho ga, with plenty of house chili sauce. For the sake of this discussion, though, let’s say you’re amenable to hoisting your soup spoon and chopsticks at an improvised outdoors table. In that case, you want the fragrant pho from Pink Bellies, the truck permanently stationed near the FedEx store on Calhoun Street. The dish isn’t available every day, so make sure to check the menu at

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