Chez Nous

The menu is written on mirrors throughout Chez Nous, which is a great place for a romantic dinner in downtown Charleston. File/Staff

Q: My husband and I usually stay home for Valentine’s Day, but do you have any suggestions for a romantic restaurant to try on a quieter night?

A: If date night’s still a few months away, I’m fond of the patio at Pane e Vino. Even when most of the tables are taken, the lantern light has a way of hushing guests who might otherwise get obtrusively boisterous. There’s lots of spaghetti on the menu, should you want to re-enact the classic “Lady and the Tramp” scene, but the cioppino sized for two is a potentially tidier option.

Still, a dinner there probably only rates around a “tender” on the love meter. If you’re looking to move the evening into “passionate” territory, there is no Charleston restaurant more romantic than Chez Nous: The French restaurant is all nooks and charm.

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