Forked path Solving readers’ dining-out dilemmas Several restaurants are open on Thanksgiving

Peninsula Grill is one of the area restaurants open for Thanksgiving.

Q: We’re visiting Charleston over Thanksgiving, and doubt we’ll be able to put together much of a feast in our hotel room. Where can we get turkey and all the trimmings?

A: An increasing number of Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving in restaurants, whether because they’re far from home, unenthusiastic about preparing a massive meal or just not crazy about cooking. Whatever the reason, their business is welcome in plenty of public dining rooms, assuming there’s an available table. Early reservations are critical when it comes to the nation’s biggest eating holiday. Many of the following restaurants are likely already booked up, or close to it, but may be worth a try.

Choices include: 82 Queen, Charleston Grill, Drawing Room, Hall’s Chophouse, High Cotton, Husk, Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Jasmine Porch, The Ocean Room, The Sanctuary), Middleton Place, Oak Steakhouse, Old Village Post House, Peninsula Grill, SNOB, Sweeney’s and Twenty Six Divine, as well as assorted restaurants associated with hotels.

Expect to pay anywhere from $35-$95 per person, not including the tip or sparkling wine.

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