Storey Farms

What’s that? When Celeste Albers in 2014 suspended her fresh egg operation, restaurant chefs fretted about the future of pastas crowned with fresh yolks and salads that wouldn’t taste complete without a poached egg on top. But Jeremy Storey, an alumnus of Chicago’s Alinea, the same year moved to Charleston with his family and bought a flock of chickens. He now keeps about 3,000 birds, and supplies chicken and duck eggs to restaurants such as FIG, McCrady’s and The Macintosh.

Who recommends it? Karen Biddlecom, owners of Wildhaven Ranch

Why? Biddlecom appreciates that Storey’s approach to farming aligns with her philosophy of “handraising (animals) naturally and ethically with compassion to their mental and physical needs.” At Storey Farms, the free-range chickens spend time in mobile coops.

Where is it? Storey Farms sells eggs and meat at the Johns Island Farmers Market on Saturdays, but its products also are available at The Daily. For more information, visit, or call 219-309-1428.

— Hanna Raskin

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