9*80* Gourmet Sauces and Marinades

What’s that? Smith Anderson of Mount Pleasant first moved to Panama as a salesman for a coastal resort, but he’s since reversed course: Rather than draw Americans to Panama, he’s now bringing sauces made from Panamanian peppers back to the U.S. He and partner Alexis Gallardo of Panama manufacture 10 kinds of vinegar-based sauces. “Our sauces are more about authentic flavor and enhancement of food than heat,” he says. Wild Cilantro is the most popular variety, he adds.

Who recommends it? Richard Perrine of Roadside Seafood

Why? “We use several of them tableside and in recipes,” Perrine says. “All we’ve tried are very good.” He’s found that 9*80*’s island-influenced varieties, such as pineapple coconut and the habanero-heavy Picante Panama, are natural complements to seafood.

Where is it? 9*80* sauces are sold locally at stores, including Bottles Beverage Superstore, Ted’s Butcherblock, Crosby’s Seafood and Boone Hall Farms, in addition to being served at about three dozen area restaurants. Sauces are also available for online purchase at 980sauce.com.

— Hanna Raskin

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