Rebel Taqueria

What’s that? The food-and-beverage veterans behind Rebel Taqueria were only incidentally interested in tacos when they launched their food truck, now a regular at special events. “We put an emphasis on freshness and new ideas,” says partner Lew Kesaris, who, like his colleagues, was eager to work for himself.

The crew ended up serving California-style tacos and burritos, which are filled out with vegetables instead of rice. Kesaris is partial to the thyme-braised chicken, covered with homemade queso and cabbage slaw with pickles, red onion and peppers, along with coconut-sautéed red potatoes, carrots and black beans. “Also, our new Mexican spring rolls are a huge hit everywhere we go,” he adds.

Who recommends it? Clayton Wynne of Lowcountry Kettle

Why? Not surprisingly for a man who built his potato chip business on the flavors of fried pickles and pimento cheese, Wynne was initially concerned about the simplicity of Rebel’s menu. Ultimately, he concluded, it was “misleading: They execute their tacos very, very well.” While Wynne declined to name a favorite item, he describes them all as “unique, fresh and full of flavor.”

Where is it? Rebel Taqueria makes frequent appearances at breweries including Low Tide, Munkle and The Barrel, but since its schedule changes frequently, it’s best to consult the truck’s online calendar at

— Hanna Raskin

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Eating all of the chicken livers just as fast as I can.