Lowcountry Kettle

What’s that? It took Lowcountry Kettle owners Clayton Wynne and Andrew Trumbull more than a year to work up the nerve to release a plain potato chip, the sixth variety in their handcrafted chip line. That’s likely because the Charleston company first won attention for unorthodox flavors drawn from the local food scene, including spicy pimento cheese, mustard barbecue sauce and bloody Mary mix.

Yet the skin-on chips proved to be more than a novelty item: Lowcountry Kettle is now sold by 60 Charleston-area retailers and restaurants, in addition to every Food Lion statewide. And for snack connoisseurs who don’t thrill to the notion of an unseasoned chip, Lowcountry Kettle is soon releasing a Lowcountry Boil variety.

Who recommends it? Jim Luby of Riptide Coffee

Why? “I'm a potato chip fanatic, and they are my go-to late night snack,” says Luby, who likes Lowcountry’s quality potatoes, as well as the fact they’re processed in Charleston.

Where is it? Lowcountry Kettle sells its chips online in 24-bag batches. Regardless of variety, 24 2-ounce bags sell for $36 at lowcountrykettle.com.

— Hanna Raskin

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