What’s that? Since first ladling out ramen in October 2015, chef Jeffrey Stoneberger has slightly broadened his focus: Now he describes his cuisine as “next-level, Japanese- and Korean-inspired,” which means a recent menu included chicken wings and swordfish yakitori, along with noodle soup.

Up until now, though, the format has remained the same: Stoneberger, with the help of a sous chef, cooks over oak and binchotan charcoal on a Konro grill that he carts to various venues. By keeping labor and overhead costs low, he says, “We can serve ingredients that you would find at places like The Ordinary or McCrady’s, but at a much more affordable price-point.”

Quality ingredients also will be the centerpiece of a Monday night seafood dinner series that Stoneberger is introducing this year, marking his first departure from the counter-service model and umami-drenched dishes that have characterized 2Nixons.

“It will really be about more minimalist things,” he explains, adding that the meals will celebrate a “Japanese aesthetic without the trappings of tradition: Think chilled smoked tuna and fresh wasabi with cured trout roe as a chilled broth drink.”

Who recommends it? Teresa Gooden of Bulls Bay Saltworks.

Why? As a frequent collaborator with other local-owned companies, Gooden admires Stoneberger’s cooperative style, which has led to standing partnerships with area breweries. Plus, she says, “his delicious menus are ever evolving to highlight local and seasonal ingredients; vegetables he’s fermented (and) spice blends that he’s mixed.”

Where is it? As a pop-up restaurant, 2Nixons reserves the right to switch up its schedule, but is usually found at Craft Conundrum, 630 Skylark Drive, on Wednesday and Saturday nights, and at Charles Towne Fermentory, 809 Savannah Highway, on Fridays. Service starts at 5 p.m. For more information, visit 2nixons.com.

— Hanna Raskin

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