Fauzia's Kitchen serving Afghan food

Hanna Raskin

For years, fans of Fauzia Garner's cooking would wait impatiently for the one day a month when Afghan food was featured in the international section of Whole Foods' hot food buffet.

"When I was working at Whole Foods, everyone was asking 'when can we get your food?'," recalls Garner.

Garner came up with a satisfactory answer this April, launching her first food truck. Fauzia's Kitchen -- which variously parks at Faber Place, Remount Business Park and Celadon Home Furnishings -- serves Garner's hummus, kofta, eggplant and doner kebab, a nod to the high school years she spent in Germany.

The kebab is served with tzatziki made according to Garner's personal recipe and pickled onions. "So your breath doesn't smell at all!," Garner exclaims, adding, "I do a lot of pickling."

Born in Afghanistan, Garner learned how to cook from her mother. She moved to Charleston seven years ago, keeping up her catering business and working kitchen jobs at Whole Foods, Graze Café and the food bank.

Last week, when the truck was parked at the MUSC Horseshoe for the first time, Garner offered a chicken korma special. Served over basmati rice, the curried stew could have used a brighter spark of spice, but the cubes of chicken were tender and gingery. Equally good was the adjoining salad of seeded watermelon and corn, dressed with just lemon juice, chopped dill, salt and pepper.

"It's so hot, I thought I'd do something fresh," Garner said.

For Fauzia's Kitchen's schedule, visit facebook.com/fauzias.kitchen. This Friday, the truck will be stationed at Riverfront Park for North Charleston's July Fourth celebration.