Ana Richards Daily Digest

Ana Richards 

Ana Richards lives and works in downtown Charleston

I woke up and ate gazpacho for breakfast. It was made by a friend who's a chef from local vegetables that he got from the farmers market. I got to work at 9 a.m. and snacked on oranges and hard-boiled eggs. I also had some mimosas. Work was very busy. I got off at 3 p.m. They had made chili from the whole hog they got in last week from Tank Jackson at Holy City Hogs and that was our family meal: barbecue chili wraps. Kind of like a sloppy joe. 

I went home and drank a beer that's a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Weihestephaner called Braupakt. It was good, very smooth. 

Then I took a nap and when I woke up I used UberEats to order Boxcar Betty's for the first time. I had a chicken sandwich with cole slaw and spicy pickles. I got sweet potato fries too but they put sugar on them, which I didn't care for. 

— as told to Stephanie Barna

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