Watermelon Thief

Watermelon Thief at Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.

Watermelon Thief

What is it?

The Watermelon Thief is a fruit beer brewed with the juice of the Bradford family watermelon.

What’s the story?

Nathaniel Bradford grew the Bradford watermelon in the 1840s.

It was held in high esteem for its sweetness, tender rind and “watermelon” flavor.

All the characteristics that made it so delicious to eat were the shipping death knell for this melon, whose tender skin did not fare well when transported.

In 1997, Nat Bradford began to explore the commercial implications of the “rediscovered” Bradford watermelon. Visit the website to learn more; especially availability of the melon come summer, at bradfordwatermelons.com.

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Director Cameron Read and his team crafted a golden ale using 140 gallons of this heirloom watermelon juice as part of a collaborative brewing exchange.

Who’s selling it?

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.

Pacific Box and Crate

1505 King Street Extension

Closed Tuesdays

What’s the price?

On tap, ($3, $5, $6, $7); crowlers ($11); growlers ($18); pitcher $24

What’s the flavor?

The Watermelon Thief is a fruit beer with a 5.5% ABV.

It uses the juice of the Bradford watermelon along with a malt mixture and English yeast. 

This is an easy-drinking beer with a creamy mouth feel and refreshing finish.

Lighter than a pale ale, Edmund’s Oast adds a bit of milk sugar to the Watermelon Thief reinforcing both sweetness and body.

Like its namesake watermelon, the season will be fleeting and when it is gone, it is gone.

— Deidre Schipani