Edmund's Oast brews Bittermilk partnership

When The Gin Joint's Joe and MariElena Raya released their line of Bittermilk compounds, they promised the mixers would transform liquor into craft bar-quality cocktails. Now it turns out the Old-Fashioned potion is also useful for flavoring beer.

Edmund's Oast brewer Cameron Read used oatmeal, dark muscvovado sugar, Belgian yeast and Bittermilk #1 to create Breakfast at the Still, a new beer debuting next week. The first keg will be tapped at a Tuesday afternoon event featuring cocktails from the Rayas.

In addition to the "rum raisin" characteristics of the foundational ingredients, the beer acquired an oaky quality from the chopped-up oak barrel staves that were tossed into the brew. "I steep(ed) them like tea," Read explained in a release.

According to Read, the beer's raisin toast notes inspired its name. "As Joe Raya put it when he tried it for the first time, (it's) 'like having breakfast at a distillery.'"

The Breakfast at the Still event at Edmund's Oast, 1081 Morrison Dr., starts at 5 p.m.