Sarah Minotti

Sarah Minotti lives in North Charleston. Stephanie Barna/Staff

Sarah Minotti lives in North Charleston. 

I'm 8-1/2 months pregnant so I'm trying to eat the right amount of calories. I think you can have 300 extra calories a day. It's not much. That whole eating for two thing is false. However, I've been giving myself some leeway because I'm going to have to tighten up once the baby comes. 

I had a cheesecake for breakfast yesterday from Kaminsky's. A lemon cheesecake, with my coffee. Real good. I try to eat every two hours or else I'll get ravenous. Midday, I had a leftover piece of Domino's pizza. And then after that, I realized there was another piece of leftover cake from something else, so I had that for my midday dessert. 

Then, my friend came home with my daughter and brought me a chicken salad sandwich from Ted's Butcherblock with a side of mac and cheese. I ate half of the sandwich and by that time I was stuffed. 

About two hours later, I offered my daughter the grilled cheese from Ted's Butcherblock that she hadn't eaten earlier, but she didn't want it. So I ate that. (Laughs) I think that exceeds my 300 calorie addition for the day. Finally, after that, I did call it quits. 

I did drink a Pedialyte and water throughout the day. 

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