Drawing Room shortens its name

Braised rabbit crepes prepared Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at The Drawing Room at The Vendue. Paul Zoeller/Staff

The restaurant at The Vendue isn’t the place to go. It’s more like place to go.

Drawing Room recently dropped the “The” from its name in hopes of conveying the restaurant’s trendiness. In this case, Drawing Room may be setting the trend, since the backlash against the glut of new restaurants named “The This” or “The That” is just starting to brew.

“Please make this The End of restaurants whose names begin with ‘The’,” Eater’s Bill Addison pleaded in a parenthetical aside to his June review of The Florence, The Grey and The Wyld in Savannah.

In its most recent roundup of the most anticipated spring and summer restaurant openings nationwide, Eater named eight restaurants with “The” names, including Washington D.C.’s The Dabney, from former McCrady’s chef de cuisine Jeremiah Langhorne, and The Restaurant and The Roof, a dining room and bar created by North Carolina chef Andrea Reusing’s for a hotel called The Durham.

Along with The Vendue, the hotel’s bar and coffee shop – known as The Rooftop and The Press – are hanging on to their formal names. But publicist Bryan Hunter says the convention “sounded too stodgy” for Jon Cropf’s restaurant.

To mark its new name, Drawing Room also has a new logo: The old script font has been replaced with an abstract scrawl of the restaurant’s monogram. The Vendue is hoping diners will agree Drawing Room sounds and looks as fresh as it tastes: After all, this is the restaurant that serves sea urchin custard and foie gras beignets.