Be the first on the block to play a few hot licks on a guitar-shaped cast-iron skillet.

“It’s real. It’s very real,” says Mark Kelly, the self-described “PR dude” for Lodge Manufacturing in South Pittsburg, Tenn.

The pan is more than a conversation piece, according to Kelly. Though relatively small, 103/4 by 45/8 inches and 1/2 inch deep, Kelly says the pan is good for making interesting shapes of biscuits, cornbread, cookies, scones, cold or hot appetizers, or just used as a serving piece.

He says Lodge had a lot of requests to bring the skillet out for good after the company worked with Cracker Barrel during a promotion involving country music star Alan Jackson in 2009.

Cracker Barrel stores sold the specialty cookware for a time.

The skillet sells for $14.95 and can be found at

Mini cast-iron pans of various shapes are extremely popular with restaurants these days, Kelly says, and not just in the South.

“I haven’t been to any part of the country that restaurants aren’t using them for serving dishes.”