Dish with us

Special holiday dishes

What are the special dishes that remind you of the holidays? Maybe it's your family's traditional oyster stuffing that always goes with the Thanksgiving turkey, or the cookies you always make for your children's teachers as a gift. Maybe it's the secret-ingredient crab dip you like to take to a friend's holiday party or the breakfast casserole your family enjoys on Christmas morning.

Whatever reminds you of sharing time with family and friends in November and December, we'd like you to share the recipes with us for our special holiday cookbook, "Savor the Season." The cookbook will be published Nov. 13 in The Post and Courier and will be edited by Ann Thrash, who produced three "Savor the Season" cookbooks in the late 1990s as the newspaper's former food editor.

Here are the particulars:

E-mail contributions are preferred and can be sent to holiday

Mail contributions to Holiday Food, c/o Post and Courier Advertising Department, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC, 29403.

Fax contributions to 937-5463, attention "Holiday Food."

Be sure to include recipe specifics such as baking pan sizes, number of ounces in cans, etc.

Deadline for submissions is Oct. 15.