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The Macintosh's brandade is a puree of fish, garlic, potato and olive oil fried into a croquette.

Brandade (bräN-däd)

Although chef Jeremiah Bacon has localized his preparation with South Carolina fish, brandade traditionally calls for salt cod. The Mediterranean dish is a puree of the preserved fish, olive oil and, unless there's a Provencale purist at the stove, potatoes. Other variations are made with added milk, garlic and artichokes. Brandade is typically served as a dip with crusty bread, but it can also be fried into croquettes.

The Macintosh (Local Grouper Brandade, Alabama White Sauce, $9)

The Warehouse serves crispy cod brandade with a roasted tomato and preserved lemon salad. Brandade also has surfaced at The Lot and The Atlantic Room.

Brandade hasn't yet hit the frozen foods aisle, but if you're game for making a batch from scratch, Whole Foods Market at 923 Houston Northcutt Blvd. in Mount Pleasant stocks salt cod. Call 971-7240 to make sure the fish is available.

Hanna Raskin