Ric Sommons

Ric Sommons

Ric Sommons lives and works in West Ashley.

I started my day with a cup of coffee. I always have my coffee. And then I made breakfast for my son and I, and we had scrambled eggs and an English muffin. Our usual school day start. 

Lunch, I ran out of time because a call came in, so I missed my entire lunch. So I go home and I'm gonna have some chips real quick, so I boil up some queso dip and my chips, and then I get a call that my son missed the school bus. So I left my chips on hold and drove up to the school to pick him up.

Then, we were so starving when everyone got home, we went to Home Team to eat. I had a turkey burrito and a beer. The burrito has candied bacon and black beans and I think a red cabbage slaw. We also got some fried mac-and-cheese balls, which are dynamite. They came with a sweet, bite-y sauce and the burrito has the white Alabama sauce in there. 

Then we split a banana pudding, because you can't go barbecue without a banana pudding.  

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