Nancy Greene

Nancy Greene. Hanna Raskin/Staff

Nancy Greene lives downtown.

I eat terribly. I had mozzarella cheese for breakfast. I can’t get enough of the stuff; It’s so good. Belgioioso brand? It’s rated No. 1 by Food Network, and Publix carries it. It’s presliced, and it’s just easy.

Probably had more cheese for lunch. I’m a big cheese freak.

Then I went to 82 Queen for dinner with some girlfriends. We all dressed up because we went to see "Downton Abbey," so we all wore 1920s clothes. I got a cute little dress; actually, I put “Downtown Abbey dresses for women” into Amazon and they had all these things. Mine was like a day dress: I didn’t have sparkles like the other girls did.

What did I have there? I had the oyster appetizer and a crab cake.

You have to realize: We’re in our 70s, so we can be a little crazy. My girlfriend brought four of her grandmother’s china teacups, so we put those out on the table and the bartender made one Long Island iced tea and we divided it into the four cups. He says, “I can’t pour it in the cups, but I can bring it in a glass for you.”

And I had two glasses of wine, and then I had popcorn and a bottle of water at the movie. I didn’t watch the series: My husband and I don’t tend to like British television. I don’t know why.

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