Maria McGill

Maria McGill

Maria McGill lives in Goose Creek.

I started with a gas station salad for lunch. It was just a normal Caesar salad.

And then like, for dinner, my husband made chorizo with eggs and bell peppers and sirloin. He’s actually a chef. He used to do Italian food; he moved here from England. We were just like, “We need to make something healthy.” We have this meal plan we always do called Joe Wicks’ 90-day meal plan. It’s like on YouTube or whatever, and we follow the instructions.

This wasn’t part of the plan. We just kind of understood what he was talking about, so knew sirloin and chorizo are good sources of protein. It’s sort of like Keto. You don’t eat any carbs unless you plan to work out. (My husband) was like, "I forgot the mushrooms," but it was good.

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