Daily Digest

Missy Mossman and Alice Smoak

Missy Mossman lives in Mount Pleasant

I drink coffee in the morning, and breakfast is so boring because I don't love it. Usually yogurt. But I had apple and peanut butter. 

I ate lunch at Harbinger Cafe. I got the broccoli, cheese and spinach quiche with a chopped romaine salad. But then I got a slice of the apple cake. And I drank a turmeric chai latte. 

I eat out a lot. I didn't have any snacks and then went to my mom's for dinner. She made a shrimp dish with feta, pine nuts and tomatoes. It was delicious. I had one glass of white wine with that. I had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. They were those Nestle pre-made cookie dough cookies. 

I've been trying to cut back, I just got back from Italy. No carb left behind. It was one of those trips. I'm trying to shed a few before the holiday. 

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