Angelo Prospero

Angelo Prospero. Provided

Angelo Prospero lives in Summerville.

Coming from an Italian family, food has always been important to our lifestyle. There’s always a pot of sauce. Don’t call it gravy.

Breakfast is vital to our lifestyle. There are usually two kinds of juice, orange and, this morning, cran-apple. I had a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk. 

I had my eggs over light with a side of bacon, plus Italian bread purchased at Publix: Toasted with strawberry jelly.

At 11 o’clock I had an apple.

Lunch was at 1:30. I had a cup of homemade tomato-based vegetable soup, a tuna fish sandwich on Italian bread and a bottle of water.

Right at 4:30 is salad time. We had romaine lettuce with tomatoes and croutons. The dressing was a homemade oil and vinegar. Also, a slice of cheese garlic bread.

The main course at 6:30 was rigatoni, cooked al dente; meatballs and sausage; plenty of grated Romano cheese; and sauce. The wine was Chianti. I had a 7-Up, which goes well with sauce.

At 11 p.m. I had a navel orange and a bottle of water. Eat well, live well.

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