Melvin Dewese

Melvin Dewese

Melvin Dewese lives in Summerville.

OK, yesterday morning I had about four strips of bacon, two sausages, two scrambled eggs, grits, one small glass of juice, one small glass of milk and one cup of coffee. My girlfriend and I, we spent some time yesterday morning together.

That’s one thing I try to do: Eat as best I can. I’ve been doing that for a long time. I love that breakfast. It’s not the same every day, now. Some of those things I do every day, but I may eliminate the grits. I might change the style of the sausage. For instance, Roger Wood sausages, I don’t like. They’re smoked: Too much salt. If you take those sausages and you boil them, the water turns white. I don’t mess with that stuff.

I like the Italian sausage. That’s pure meat. There’s no smoke going on.

They say sugar is a big thing that contributes to bad health, but I say sugar and salt, one is just as bad as the other one. I once went to a class on this stuff. Now I read labels. I’ve been reading labels now for a couple of years. If it’s got too much salt in it, I won’t buy it. Too much sodium? Forget it.

For lunch, I had three slices of fried bologna and two slices of cheese on whole wheat bread, and a big thing of iced tea.

And last night I did one of those Stouffer’s lasagnas, with two pieces of those big Texas toasts. To drink, I had beer: Natural Light. Then I went to bed.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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