Alex Hill

Alex Hill

Alex Hill lives in Mount Pleasant.

Yesterday I had a fish sandwich from Arby’s for breakfast. I was up kind of late, so I don’t get up and eat eggs or something like that. I wanted, you know, a fish sandwich, so I got a fish sandwich, fries and a Twst: You know, like a Sierra Mist?

Next thing was dinner, and I had chicken wings and fries. I made the wings at home. That was it til today, that’s why I’m hungry again, and why I’m going to go eat now. What’s on my mind is Wendy’s got this new burger with mushrooms,some fried onions. It’s a new burger.

I’m a stickler for burgers. I’m looking for the best burger. I haven’t found it yet. It’s something like the blend of the meat, or maybe the fat in the meat. So I’m on a search for that best burger in Charleston. I always go to commercial restaurants, but people keep telling me I should go to Oak, or HoM. I went to HoM. HoM was a good burger. Even the water was good that day.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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Food editor and chief critic

Eating all of the chicken livers just as fast as I can.