Syndee Dutton

Syndee Dutton lives in Ladson.

I had a Dunkin’ Donuts bacon, egg and cheese croissant, and an iced hazelnut swirl coffee. McDonald’s has good iced coffee, too. I don’t like their regular hot coffee, but the iced coffee’s good.

Then, what was it called? Rapunk? Ragrock? I keep thinking of Thor. Hold on, I can tell you: Rappahannock. It’s an oyster bar on East Bay. See, I do a lot of Yelp, so I checked in yesterday. It was OK. That was the second time I’ve been there. I wanted to give it a second chance, because I don’t like to judge on just one time.

The first time I had oysters on the half shell, and I had an oyster stew. And it was OK. But for the price, I wasn’t like, ‘oh my gosh, I want to go back here!’ So we went back, and I had a Cuban sandwich. I thought, ‘OK, it’s an oyster bar, but let me try their meat.’ And it was OK, but I can’t say I would recommend it to anybody. So I’m disappointed.

My friends did have the lamb and oysters, and it was kind of like a lamb chili with pigeon peas. I took some pictures, but still not anything I’m going to write home about.

Not like O-Ku. OOOOO-Kuuuuuu! Oh my gosh! So O-Ku, I had bought tickets to go see the Riverdance. $280 for two tickets. My husband said, ‘I’m not going,’ so I said, ‘Fine. I’m going to phone a friend.’ So we were going to go to Hank’s, but I didn’t feel like Hank’s, so I said, ‘I’ve never been to O-Ku. Let’s go there.’

Went to O-Ku. The waitress was so passionate about the menu, it was just amazing. I ended up ordering $150 for us two people. I don’t like mushrooms — I think it’s because I don’t like low-quality mushrooms, I just discovered — but I had it where they brought them tabletop and they had a skillet; you know, like they make a fajita? And it’s truffle butter and chunks of lobster and three different types of mushrooms. They start to cook it and then they leave and you sit there and stir it.

I’m telling you: It was euphoric. We didn’t even go to the show. The food was so good, and we were enjoying the ambiance, and our glass of wine. We were both like, ‘I don’t even want to go to the show. I want to just sit here and just be in this moment.’ That’s when you know.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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