Kenneth Gasque

Kenneth Gasque

Kenneth Gasque lives in Conway.

For breakfast, I had yogurt for breakfast. I forgot the name of it, but it had some fruit in it.

And then lunch, I had chicken and pasta. It was great; a bit salty. My wife, she made it. Tell you what she did, she put the chicken breasts in the pot and then she put some pasta in it, and those little round garden peas, and it became too salty with the pasta and the chicken. I think she said the water cooked down, and as it was cooking, it made it more salty. Does that make sense? She said if she would have added more water in it, it would have kept that salt from going into the meat so much. I didn’t want to rock the boat, so I ate it.

Then I drank a Coke. I love Cokes, don’t you? I wish I could kick the Cokes. They’re not good for you. I drink maybe one, a couple a day.

For supper, I had some cheese. You know you can go to the grocery store, and get those individually wrapped cheeses? Like finger-size cheese? It’s like a Colby-Jack. I had about a couple of those.

I don’t eat a lot. I’m not a big eater. You know, a lot of people they like buffet, but I don’t get my money’s worth. I sort of like chicken, and a little bit of beef. But beef is so heavy, isn’t it? I don’t like a lot of pork. I’d say my main would be chicken. I really like vegetables more. I like broccoli. Sometimes I grow broccoli and I really like good homegrown broccoli. I like it raw. Don’t you like that? That’s pretty good.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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