Daniel Strickland

Daniel Strickland

Daniel Strickland lives in McClellanville.

I had a cup of coffee for breakfast.

For lunch, I had a buffalo chicken wrap from Kickin’ Chicken. It was good. I could have eaten more, but I’m trying to watch the calorie intake.

And then for dinner, homemade Paula Deen chicken orzo soup. It has jalapenos and cilantro and garlic and tomatoes, and I think that’s it. My wife made it at lunch because she was at home. Actually, I take that back: She cooked the chicken and the broth and that was it. I came home and finished it.

It’s a recipe I can’t find online any more. If you look up “Paula Deen chicken orzo,” you get something totally different. The recipe she has out now is more like something Paul Deen would have: It’s got some fattening stuff in it.

So I just remember it. Oh yeah, it had red cayenne pepper in it, too, so it has a kick. And it’s great for weight loss. I don’t know what it is. You just eat it until you’re full, and you wake up lighter the next morning.

Then I had some ice cream: Breyer’s vanilla. That was it. Kind of a light day.

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Eating all of the chicken livers just as fast as I can.