Joseph Mulinix

Joseph Mulinix

Joseph Mulinix lives in Dunes West.

Yesterday morning, I had a glass of orange juice and a frozen Bob Evans sausage, egg and cheese croissant.

For lunch, I made a ham-and-Swiss sandwich with chips. It was Sara Lee Hawaiian bread, with sweet ham from Harris Teeter and Havarti cheese. And I grilled it, and then had it with the Utz Sweet Hawaiian chips. I think I had a Snapple.

There was a snack between lunch and dinner. It was a chocolate Drumstick.

And then for dinner, it was back to ham again. Mom made ham-and-cheese sliders. She makes them with like a honey Dijon type of sauce, and she makes it with Hawaiian rolls. She had some type of potato soup as well: We had that with the sliders.

After that, when I went to bed, I took a Coke up to my room, and two Annie’s organic fruit rollups. That’s what I had for my late-night snack during Monday Night Football. They were grape and strawberry. That was a pretty good eating day for me.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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