Kimberly Rentz

Kimberly Rentz

This is part of the Post and Courier's Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Kimberly Rentz lives in Summerville.

First thing, I had hazelnut coffee: Dark roast, sweetened with Stevia, as is my usual. It was already warm out, so I had it iced with cold foamed half-and-half.

Later, for breakfast, I had a fried egg sandwich on whole wheat bread with a slice of Canadian bacon and some grated sharp cheddar, and a thick slice of one of those tomatoes we got from the farmer’s market. So ripe and good. It was so juicy.

In the late morning, I had some tea: Decaf orange pekoe sweetened with Stevia, and a little lemon juice squeezed in.

For lunch, I ate a tuna salad sandwich with spring mix and baby spinach and another thick slice of that tomato on it. I guess it was sandwich day. We also got some peaches from the farmer’s market, so I had some cut up with vanilla Greek yogurt, and I drank some lemonade.

Late afternoon, I had some microwave popcorn and some low-sodium vegetable juice.

Then I ate a handful of blackberries and drank a large cup of ice water after an evening walk before dark.

And for dinner, I had feta crumbles and some rotisserie chicken shredded up over more of the spring mix and baby spinach with the rest of that tomato diced up in it. I was all about that tomato. The dressing was aged balsamic and sun-dried tomato olive oil, which we also got from the farmer’s market. It went well with a glass of white wine.

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