Charlotte Rentz

Charlotte Rentz

This is part of the Post and Courier's Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Charlotte Rentz lives in Summerville.

What did I eat yesterday? So I woke up and I made scrambled eggs and cheese, which I like to put hot sauce on, because, for me, that’s great. Specifically, Cholula is my favorite.

And then we came downtown for lunch and went to TBonz. I got their crab cake burger and my friend got their TBonz burger, and we were so happy because it tasted so good and we were like two of the only people in there.

Then I came home and didn’t eat much for dinner. We had the Asian food from the Asian bar at the Harris Teeter, so we had sesame chicken and pork fried rice. To drink, I had sweet tea. For dessert, we had chocolate chip cookies from Harris Teeter, which I warmed up on a plate.

I didn’t have a midnight snack. Normally I’ll have lettuce with vinegar on it or, like, a whole bunch of cashews if we have some.

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