Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson

This is part of the Post and Courier's Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Daniel Robinson lives on Johns Island. 

For breakfast, I had ham and eggs and potatoes. I had some cheese on the eggs; that's a thing I like to do. And I did have some coffee. That's like an everyday event for me, pretty much. I don't understand noncoffee drinkers.

For lunch, I had creamed tuna on an English muffin and more potatoes. That's a cheap, easy lunch I learned a long time ago. You can add different things to the tuna. You can put cheese on it or throw a tomato on there.

I had some chicken wings for a snack with some Frank's RedHot sauce. That was like my 4 o'clock snack. For dinner, I made a shish kabob with ham, pineapple, onion and zucchini and a brown sugar sauce on the ham. A lot of the times, I'll just have water and then I'll have a couple beers at night, so I had a couple beers with dinner. I had Rolling Rock. I typically make my food at home. Today's my birthday, though, so I might go out and get a steak somewhere. 

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