Nancy Charles

Nancy Charles

Nancy Charles lives in Summerville.

I had a hard-boiled egg in the morning, and then I went for a two-mile walk. Then I came home and I had a bacon-and-lettuce sandwich on toasted low-carb wheat bread with mayonnaise. Lots of bacon.

Then for lunch, I had a burrito with taco meat, cheese, sour cream and black olives in a low-carb wrap. Can you tell I’m low-carbing it?

And for dinner, I had a big huge thick pork chop on the grill and a salad. It had lots of stuff in it. It had spring mix, hard-boiled egg, onion, soybeans, black olives, red pepper, green pepper, ranch dressing and crumbled bacon. There’s no carbs in meat.

But then I had about two cups of O-Ke-Doke cheese popcorn and two Coke Cherry Zeros. And that was it.

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