Maura Griffin

Maura Griffin. Amanda Hancock/staff

This is part of the Post and Courier's Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Maura Griffin lives in downtown Charleston. 

Yesterday ... I'm trying to remember. OK, I had a bagel and a cold brew from the Harbinger Cafe. It was so good. It was a jalapeno and corn bagel with salsa cream cheese on it and avocado. It was delicious. I go there so much.

And then I went to Edmund's Oast Brewing and I had a sour beer — it was a passionfruit flavor — and I had a veggie burger with a side of charred broccoli. They have such good sours there; I love them. I also had a barleywine.

Then I went to work. And I drank a bunch of water. I try to go through a few bottles of water at work. And then I had some Home Team BBQ mac-and-cheese at like midnight and a rose cider. And I had a shot of fernet. That's the last thing I had yesterday. 

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