Josh Capeder

Josh Capeder. Provided

Editor’s note: Per tradition, The Post and Courier Food section is celebrating Lowcountry Local First’s month-long Eat Local Challenge by featuring event participants in April’s Daily Digest columns. Challenge takers are asked to shift $10 or more of their weekly food budget to locally produced food. To learn more or take the pledge, go to

Josh Capeder is a first-time Eat Local Challenge participant; he was interviewed before the initiative’s April 1 start.

All right, let’s see. Before church, I had a cast-iron egg frittata, so that was eggs and chorizo sausage, which I thought was chorizo, but was actually vegan chorizo. I guess I was at Target and saw it on the shelf and thought it was chorizo. I do eat a bunch of vegan, though, because it’s a healthy choice. The frittata also had tomatoes, onions and, I think, green peppers.

After church, we did some outdoor yoga and pretty much snacked all day. So there were Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandys and a meat-and-cheese plate with pickled okra that a friend put together.

Dinner was also very snacky. We had a little friend gathering, so we had cowboy caviar, which a friend made, and then another meat-and-cheese plate. Someone made pigs-in-a-blanket, pretty standard, and there was a Greek yogurt spinach dip from Trader Joe’s. I brought peanut butter chocolate cookies from Whole Foods.

To my knowledge, I doubt any of what I ate was local, but that’s the excitement of making the shift.

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