Andy McCarthy

Andy McCarthy. Provided. 

Editor’s note: Per tradition, The Post and Courier Food section is celebrating Lowcountry Local First’s month-long Eat Local Challenge by featuring event participants in April’s Daily Digest columns. Challenge takers are asked to shift $10 or more of their weekly food budget to locally produced food. To learn more or take the pledge, go to

Andy McCarthy is a Eat Local Challenge participant. He lives in Park Circle.

For breakfast yesterday, I had a cup of coffee from Coastal Coffee Roasters. I just made it at home. I had another cup of the same coffee at Local Works, where I work. And I had a bag of beef things from The New Primal that I had picked up the day before, just a little snack because I didn’t have much breakfast.

Then for lunch I had the buffalo cauliflower salad from Verde over on King Street. I just had water with it.

After that ... What did I have for dinner last night? Hmm. Oh, I went to a gala for The Citadel last night. So, I had this chicken dish that the Gaillard prepared. It was like chicken with asparagus and a cream sauce on it. It was pretty good. I had a couple beers over there. They had the Palmetto Espresso Porter, so I had a couple of those. I had a little snack when I got home. I had a candy bar from Sweeteeth Chocolate. And that was it, I believe. So, that was some local stuff. I did good yesterday.

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