Arnay Fludd

Arnay Fludd

Arnay Fludd lives in Moncks Corner.

OK, so yesterday, right? To eat, I went to Apple Spice. Do you know what Apple Spice is? It’s like a catering company, right there by Virginia College. I got me a salad, half size. They call it Waldorf salad: It’s spinach or iceberg lettuce. I have grilled chicken on it; I have walnuts, craisins, croutons; I do apples and I can’t forget my bacon, because I had that for breakfast. And I know that don’t seem like breakfast, but I usually go there around 10-ish.

That really lasted me. So last night for dinner, we air-fried some chicken thighs. Marinated it in seasoning and fried it up in the air fryer, which is way healthier than the deep fryer. I’ve been using that since Christmastime. It’s the best thing: I haven’t been nothing but in that air fryer. It’s a great invention, especially if you’re trying to do healthy things and eat healthy. You just put a tablespoon of oil in, and that’s it. You just put it on 22 minutes and it’s like regular fried chicken.

And I had some yellow rice that I took out of the package and put in a little glass dish; I added some hot water and cut up some onion and put it inside the oven. And then we had corn, canned corn.

Oh, we did end up going to the store because we wanted something sweet. We got some strawberry Toaster Strudel, and it was good.

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