Matt Greseth

Matt Greseth knows a real Wisconsin old-fashioned when he drinks one.

This is part of the Post and Courier’s Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe his or her day of eating in detail.

Matt Greseth lives in Daniel Island.

I made breakfast, so I fried some eggs. We had croissants that I toasted in the oven. I fried up some chicken sausage and made a little open-faced fried egg, chicken sausage and pimento cheese breakfast sandwich. I drink a pot of coffee throughout the morning. I get coffee shipped in to me because my brother owns a coffee roaster in Milwaukee. It’s called Colectivo. He sends four pounds every couple of months.

I didn’t have anything for lunch because I had two halves of a croissant, two fried eggs, so we ate dinner at 5 (o’clock). We went to Little Jacks and had a burger and fries, plus a lot of drinks. It was the single tavern burger, the garlic and aioli fries, then two Brown Derby drinks, and a Wisconsin old-fashioned. They didn’t make it quite the right way, the true Wisconsin way.

A Wisconsin old-fashioned is made with brandy, It’s basically a Manhattan but with brandy. It’s brandy, muddled cherries and oranges, a little bit of sugar, and that's it. (Little Jack’s) top theirs with seltzer water, so it was a little diluted, but still nice.

You can get an old-fashioned four ways in Wisconsin: brandy sweet, brandy sour, whiskey sour, whiskey sweet. It’s so cold in the winter!

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