Eddy Mkwambe

Eddy Mkwambe

This is part of the Post and Courier's Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Eddy Mkwambe lives in West Ashley.

So, yesterday morning I had a cup of milk and bread. You know the way they dip bread in eggs and then you fry? I ate that one. We don’t really know the names, but my wife always tries a number of recipes. That one is easy to make: This morning I did it myself. That was the breakfast.

And for lunch, we eat a lot of rice. You’d be surprised. So the menu was rice and … you know cassava leaves? We use that with chicken that was boiled and mixed like a soup, with tomatoes and onion and a lot of spices.

Me and my wife both work, so we had the same thing in the evening. And me alone I drank one bottle of beer. Of course, our menu always has some juice, so we had some apple cider and my kids drink a mixture of oranges and other juices.

This afternoon, I made all of the cooking. I made beef liver and hearts. We had some of the cassava leaves left, so we used that, as well. How I did it? For me, I feel when we eat the internal stuff it needs to cook a little bit more. So I fried the meat in oil for five to 10 minutes, and then sliced it on a cutting board. Then I cut some onion and I grated some tomatoes. I put the onions in the frying pan and then put back the pieces of meat and stirred them, and then I put the tomato. My kids like that.

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