Weston Fennell is the buyer at Limehouse Produce.

I always have a cup of coffee and check the numbers before I go into work in the morning. We get Black Tap coffee beans delivered to the house and this week we have my favorite: The Heavyweight Blend. Twenty-four ounces of that gets my day started — I’m not much of a breakfast person.

Mr. Limehouse shows up at work a little later in the morning with a box of pastries from Wild Flour Bakery in West Ashley. Lauren makes great scones and this morning the sun-dried tomato version looks like the perfect mid-morning snack. It goes great with another large cup of coffee. This time, it’s Organic Charleston Coffee Roasters — our house drip at Limehouse Produce.

Lunchtime comes and today is Thursday, which means Mama Kim Brown is bringing lunch for our staff. After a warm plate of Korean stir-fry and a kale salad from Walter P. Rawl, I take a walk in the cooler and grab a container of delicious local strawberries from McLeod Farms. They make the perfect palette cleanser. Now back to work.

As we’re winding down, one of our favorite customers, Deb’s P-Nuts, is at the front desk to stock up for a busy weekend of peanut boiling. She drops off a bag of hot fresh goobers and we slurp 'em up.

On my way home, I can’t resist pulling over at the Harbinger for an iced coffee. It’ll give me a nice little boost for an afternoon with the kids.

While they do homework, I start on dinner. Tonight we’re having Geechie Boy Carolina Gold rice scented with Spade & Clover green garlic with steamed local asparagus from Monetta Asparagus Farm and a fried Palmetto Pastures farm egg. Chilled Albarino from my favorite new wine shop Graft finishes the day nicely.

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