Zaw Lwin

Zaw Lwin 

Zaw Lwin lives in Mount Pleasant.

For breakfast, I had coffee with Cake Rusk. It’s like a dry cake: They call it Cake Rusk. It’s like a strip of cake that they make dry and crispy. It’s kind of like biscotti. I got it from the Indian grocery store.

Lunch was rice with some pork thing that my sister-in-law made. It’s more like … I don’t even know how to explain it … it’s like pork, stuffed with potatoes and baked. It’s served with a little curry gravy. It doesn’t have a name. It was OK.

At dinner, we had rice noodle sticks with ground beef. It’s not a dish you can buy: My sister-in-law made it. In Burmese, it’s called Shan Khao Swè. Shan is part of the country, and khao swe means noodles. That was good. We also had some broth.

— as told to Hanna Raskin

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