Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Mia Heard

Mia Heard graduated from the College of Charleston this month. She lives in the Cannonborough/Elliottborough neighborhood.


Breakfast is usually where I like to have my biggest meal of the day. Yesterday, I had polenta with roasted kale chips, two soft-boiled eggs and cheddar cheese. And I have an espresso machine, so I had two cups of espresso.

For lunch, I went to Persimmon Cafe and had their Adult Grilled Cheese. It’s made with different types of cheeses and prosciutto. I had (Zapp’s) Voodoo chips with that. I love to eat out. I eat out at least once a day, and I try to always get something different. It’s hard when you try something and it’s so amazing. But I’m not really a picky eater.

I had a loaded baked potato for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest. You actually cut the potato in half so they cook faster. You cook it for 20 minutes, face-down, and then take it out and put it back in the oven, face-up. It was topped with cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese and truffle oil. It was amazing.

A couple of hours later, I met friends at The Belmont. We had Moscow Mules and a charcuterie board with lamb prosciutto, pork prosciutto and two different types of cheeses: A creamy cow’s milk cheese and a stronger sheep’s milk cheese. I love cheese.

As told to Hanna Raskin