Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Margaret Weinberg

Margaret Weinberg lives on James Island.


Yesterday, let’s see, this is going to sound not appetizing for everybody, but I had peanut butter on rye toast for breakfast. I love it. It’s reduced-salt Jif peanut butter. Coffee is sort of in the morning and all afternoon. That kind of gets me through lunch.

For dinner, we had company, so we had cut vegetables and dip. Then we had strip steak that was cooked on the grill, with string bean salad and twice-baked potatoes. We had wine with dinner: A Sauvignon Blanc with the appetizers, and then a 2006 Shiraz from Australia. We enjoyed that.

For dessert, I made a flourless chocolate cake, served a la mode with raspberries. Which is why I didn’t bother with lunch.

I was grilling in the dark. Often I’ll bring my phone for light, but this was totally dark. And the steak was not overcooked. I have a touch method, absolutely. So it worked out rather well. I generally do things medium, because I figure we can always make it more well done, but you can’t make it more rare. We actually had to hit the microwave for one of the guests, which was fine.

When you’re entertaining, you don’t want to be fussing. The idea is to have things set up in such a way that the amount of cooking is really minimal. Otherwise, you’re spending all your time cooking and not enjoying it, in which event, you should be eating out.

As told to Hanna Raskin