Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Pinaki Santra

Pinaki Santra is a senior IT consultant. He lives in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood.

I woke up and made some fried eggs for me and my fiancee. Right now, we have the Gruber Farms CSA, so we're overloaded with vegetables, but once a week I'll ride my bike to The Vegetable Bin for eggs, and then Harris-Teeter for bread and meat. It's a good combo. The eggs are actually pretty cheap for cage-free.

The night before I'd made stuffed acorn squash with the CSA squash, so we had that for lunch. I stuffed the squash with some turkey sausage and tomatoes.

For dinner, we went to Xiao Bao Biscuit. We've eaten at Xiao Bao more than any restaurant in Charleston. They had some pop-up dinners before they opened, and we got to know the owners, and now they know a lot about us. They were smoking a whole steamship round and also a pig, so we had smoked brisket tacos and a side of kimchi. (Xiao Bao) has some like very spicy drinks. Spicy enough you have to have water with them.

Afterward, we went to Warehouse and had deviled eggs that had some fried shrimp on them. Later, we went to Eat-A-Pita and split a chipotle chicken pita and fries.

I guess I really try to eat in different places. I enjoy doing this stuff.

-Hanna Raskin