Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Harriet Rybicki is the chef cochair of this year’s Scrumptious Summerville Kitchen Tour.

Breakfast was plain Greek yogurt with a sliced banana, walnuts and a drizzle of maple syrup on it. I usually have an egg or yogurt or oatmeal pancakes. I especially like the oatmeal pancakes, but usually I’m too lazy to make them. To drink, I had iced tea.

For lunch, I had a Kashi pizza with mushroom and spinach, only because I had a coupon. I really didn’t care for it. I also had a fresh peach and more iced tea. That’s all I drink: Iced tea and water with lemon.

I had a very delicious apple-and-raisin Danish from Saffron in the mid-afternoon. It just looked too good to pass up.

Before dinner, I had a glass of red wine. For dinner, we had like an Asian salad with chicken in it. I try to make everything from scratch so I know what’s in it. It was a mixture of greens. I have Asian basil out of my garden: that went into it; cilantro from the grocery store, because cilantro doesn’t grow around here; chicken; rice noodles; cucumber; and green onions.

The dressing was lime, sesame seed oil, grated garlic; a little bit of grated ginger and a jalapeno from my garden. It was blooming hot. The dressing was kind of a recipe, but I like a little bit more zip in my dressing, and all that the recipe called for was lime juice, sesame seed oil and jalapeno. I said, “This is not going to make it for me.”

I had a peach for dessert. I’m just taking advantage of the peach season. I’m too lazy to cook them, and they’re so good.

as told to Hanna Raskin