Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Emily Everett

For breakfast, I had some warm oats with chopped Granny Smith apples from Boone Hall. I visit there about once a week; I live right across the street. I didn't drink anything but water with lemon from Boone Hall. So boring.

On Wednesdays, I mentor at Meeting Street Academy, so I had a salad from there. I asked about their food, and I learned they get their salads from Costco. But they make the dressings. It's a tiny salad: spinach, carrots, black beans, sunflower seeds. And I put their ranch dressing on there. I'm from the South: I love ranch.

I get a salad because I don't want my mentee to eat alone, but I normally stop at Bon Banh Mi on my way back. I had a shrimp taco, which they have on Wednesdays. It had cilantro on it, and there were definitely shallots.

It was my day to stop by Boone Hall, but first I stopped by Trader Joe's and got wine and tilapia. For dinner, we had a salad with red peppers and Vidalia onion blue cheese dressing, and then I made some kale chips and roasted beets and the tilapia, with just oil and lemon. My boyfriend is probably so tired of kale chips. Since Boone Hall had strawberries, I made a milkshake for dessert.

I'm just ready for my CSA to start so I don't have to pick things out. We do a single one from Hudson Family Farm for two people, and it works fine. Charleston is so abundant with resources. This challenge has made me think about how much we eat local without even thinking about it.

Emily Everett is executive director of Charleston Friends of the Library. She's participating in the Eat Local Challenge this month.