Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day


Rachel Castejon is a food blogger. She lives in West Ashley.

Yesterday morning I had a smoothie. We do spinach, frozen berries, banana and flax seed and almond milk.

We do a big blog cooking day, and then we eat leftovers for most of the week. When we have to do a post, we usually do two recipes; maybe three. I do recipes from my childhood or my husband’s childhood, or something he made at work. I photograph them over the course of two days: Whenever the light is good outside.

The last post I did was carnitas. It’s just pork meat that’s been braised for a really long time. It has onions and red peppers and beef stock, and a little bit of Cognac, too. We made a huge pot: It’s lasted three or four days. ... I wrote that they were nice and juicy and tender, and I said you could have both vegetarian and meat-eating friends over for it. For lunch, I had the carnitas with tortillas, and leftover rice and beans.

And then for dinner, I had the meat with bread to soak it up. When we go out, we have wine or beer, but at home, we usually just drink water throughout the day. For dessert, I had a leftover vegan chocolate chip cookie, but that was a recipe by another blogger.

As told to Hanna Raskin