Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Alyssa Smith

During the month of April, we’re spotlighting the daily diets of participants in Lowcountry Local First’s monthlong Eat Local Challenge, during which eaters are asked to shift $10 or more of their weekly food budget to items produced, caught or grown in the area. Challenge-taker Alyssa Maute Smith lives on James Island.

So I started the day with some farm-fresh eggs, scrambled. I add a little almond milk, salt and pepper, so it’s pretty plain. And I had a cup of my favorite coffee from my dear friend Brad (Mallett) at Coastal Coffee Roasters. It’s called Carolina Morning: It’s on the lighter side. All the Harris Teeters carry it, and sometimes they’re at farmers markets, so it’s pretty easy to find. It’s in a red bag. That helps me get through every day: I just put a little almond milk in it.

And then for lunch I had a delicious salad from Verde at their new Avondale location, which I love. I had their Mesa Verde: It’s got some corn, black beans, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, some avocado, and they drizzle it with dressing and they chop it up right in front of you. They source from Limehouse, so it’s great for the challenge.

For dinner, I experimented a little with a stir fry from my CSA. Compost in my Shoe had some gorgeous greens, so I roughly chopped Swiss chard, collards, kale toscano, some green onion and garlic, and I sauteed it in a pan with soy sauce. Then I popped it on top of plain quinoa I got from the grocery store, and on top of that I put a soft-cooked egg. It was delicious.

As told to Hanna Raskin